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Here's a little something about me! 

Hello, I'm Paul Laugalis, your motorcycle instructor and owner of
Absolute Motorcycle Training Limited. 

I have always been fascinated by and dreamed of having a motorcycle but was never allowed to
have one. My dream was finally sealed in June 1983 at the age of 10 when I first saw Return of the Jedi with Luke Sky walker and Leia racing the speeder bikes through the giant redwood forest
on Endor. I knew I was definitely going to get a speeder bike of my own one day! So, it all started from 15 years of age and my passion for riding grew from there. 

I’ve owned many bikes from Scooters to Sports bikes, the biggest being 1800cc cruiser.
With over 30 years riding experience I still haven’t been on a bike I can say I didn’t like! Give
me anything with 2 wheels and a motor and I'll love it.


I’ve completed dozens of rider training courses in NZ and Australia. My adult education career, coaching, training and Instructing started back around 2007 at NZ Post.

Employed as a national motorcycle trainer and qualifying in NZ as a NZTA class 1 & 6 Instructor.
I worked with Learning and Development as a specialist / Delivery modes and 
Safety Well-being as a region coordinator.
Full time Instructor at NZ Post
Contractor rider trainer for Pro Rider Ltd delivering Ride Forever courses and CBTA Restricted & Full licence assessments. 

With much of NZ Post moving to 4 wheels for delivery, I personally needed to stay with what I am passionate about. This led me to doing contract work for NZ Post, PassMasters Rider training and being approached for training services by DX Mail.

NZTA Instructor Endorsement

NZTA BHST Examiner/Course Provider

NZTA CBTA Assessor/Course Provider

Workplace First Aid

IAM RoadSmart Advanced Rider